OYM93: Oxytocin V-Day Special 2

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A Diagram of "the Pair Bonding Network" from Young et al., 2004

A Diagram of “the Pair Bonding Network” from Young et al., 2004

This Week on the On Your Mind Neuroscience Podcast:

It’s that time of year again, when you’ve got the urge to get close to that special someone, light some candles, and put on the latest OYM episode for a night of sweet, sweet neuroscience.  And this year, we’re delighted to welcome our official valentine, Daniel Almeida, to the guest host chair.  He’s a Master’s student who’s excited about developing a new microscopy technique in his lab, and is putting his background in sex research to good use with this week’s paper about oxytocin and sexual behavior in Prairie Voles.

But first, we’ve got some local neuroscience news to discuss.  The Montreal Neurological Institute in Montreal has announced a new plan to promote open science by asking it’s researchers to make all data and programs available and no longer supporting the creation of new patents.

We’re also talking about reproducibility again, with the launch of a the new F1000 research channel, thePreclinical Reproducibility and Robustness Channel, and a comment piece in Science that highlights the many hurdles involved in the ‘self-correcting’ aspect of science.

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