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Welcome to a very special episode of On Your Mind.

This week Liam interviewed a bunch of students and post-docs that presented posters at SFN. These are there stories.

Keith Hengen: Homoeostasis of neuronal spiking

His Neuron Paper: (close access)

Computer modelling shows the need for homoeostasis:  (Open Access)


Jonathan Michaels: Neural networks in grasping movements

Multi-electrode array recording in monkeys –

His Blog: ConciousMistakes.com


Anand Krishnan:  Peripheral nerve regeneration in mammals

Nerve regeneration:


Nico Reggente: Diffusion Tensor Imaging in Value-Directed learning

DTI: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_MRI

Value Directed Decision Making: (closed access)


Elise Piazza : Hemisphereic Differences in Binocular Rivalry

Binocular rivalry review


Martin Engel: Treating Schizophrenia with Neuregulin

The state of current antipsychotics:

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