OYM90: The Kat Came Back 5

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We’re starting to get back into the swing of things this week, with Kat finally returning from her travelling adventures with stories to share!  She’s discovered an unexpected excitement about bioinformatics while she was away, and so she’s been thinking about the importance of computer literacy in the life sciences.  In fact, she brings us an article from The Conversation that takes the rather controversial stance that the widespread use of personal computers has been actively harmful to science.  Even though we’ve got a lot to say about the details, it all boils down to a call for more computer education in science – and for the understanding that software isn’t flawless.

It seems that Liam has been busy these days as well, probably too busy in fact; he’s the new co-president of the Science Policy Exchange here in Montreal!  Thankfully he’s still got some podcast time, and he’s bringing us a list of other podcasts that he’s been digging lately, including a Reply All episode on LSD microdosing and the newly formed Useful Science that features our longtime OYM friend Ian Mahar!  Of course, given his new extracurricular calling, Liam’s got politics on his mind and he’s got some encouraging news to share about publicly released Minister’s mandate letters, and the role of evidence based science in the policies of the new Canadian government.

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